Painting the Feral Trolls from The Legend Of Drizzt Board Game

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I have finally finished my next miniature painting adventure from The Legend Of Drizzt board game: two feral trolls.

These trolls were more of a challenge to me than the Balor from the same game for two main reasons. Firstly, I found there was a general lack of muscle detailing over the troll skin resulting in me having to create a lot of detail with my paint layering. Secondly, I do not have much experience painting large blocks of green, so the getting the colour choice for the skin was a trial.

The skin details with the boils and bulging veins were good for breaking up the massive block of green. I had some difficulties with finding a nice boils colour, and after highlighting it I decided it was too yellowish and coated the boils with a thinned layer of Biel-Tan Green to tie it in a bit better with the skin.

Apart from being in The Legend Of Drizzt board game, this miniature can also be purchased from Troll and Toad here.

I have put the trolls next to a standard human mini for scale:


They look very nice when placed with the Balor from the same game:


As a bonus, here is the Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures newer style troll that was one of the first three minatures I painted back when I was still using a 10 piece artists acrylic paint set from the dollar store.

The Citadel colours I used for the feral trolls are as follows:

– Caliban Green all over
– Warpstone glow over all but the deepest recesses
– Biel-Tan Green diluted to half strength and shaded all over
– Thin layers of Warboss Green over the raised areas and parts that I wanted to       be muscles

Boils and raised veins:
– Death Guard Green all over boils
– Elysian Green over the raised bits
– Ogryn Camo over the tips of boils
-Biel-Tan green at half strength all over boils
– Tuskor Fur dry brushed on some boils for variety

– Abbadon Black all over eye
– Dots of Ushabti Bone
– Nuln Oil in the socket

Nails, Teeth, and Pelt Skull:
– Tuskor fur in between the teeth
– Ushabti Bone all over
– Agrax Earthshade washed over
– Highlighted with Ushabti Bone

Brown Pelt:
– Dryad Bark all over
– Agrax Earthshade shading
– Gorthor Brown dry brushed over

Grey Pelt:
– Mechanicus Standard Grey all over
– Nuln Oil shading
– Stormvermin fur heavily dry brushed
– Dawnstone lightly dry brushed

Red Leather:
– Doombull Brown all over
– Tuskor Fur as an edge highlight
– Nuln Oil shaded all over

Iron details:
– Ironbreaker base
– Nuln Oil shaded
– Runefang Steel highlights

Copper details:
– Fulgurite Copper base
– Agrax Earthade shaded
– Hashut Copper highlights

Once again I have decided to simply paint the bases with black paint in lieu of any fancier basing techniques to fit in with the Balor.

Thank you for reading!

6 thoughts on “Painting the Feral Trolls from The Legend Of Drizzt Board Game

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  1. Great work here, Ellen. The trolls look very imposing and have turned out really nicely. I’m sure your players will prefer meeting them over Balor, but not by all that much. 😉
    If you’re wanting to break up large sections of green (or other monster flesh-tones) on creatures like the trolls, I’ve been finding that applying some really thin coats of browns, or dark flesh tones or even purples over the green breaks up the masses of mono-colour and gives a bit of a mottled, but natural (ish) appearance. This Conan Demon shows what I mean here.
    Not that they don’t look great as-is – I just thought I’d offer a suggestion as you mentioned that it was a bit of a trial getting them looking the way you wanted. 🙂

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    1. Maybe they will have to fight some trolls on the way to the Balor summoning 😋

      That is extremely helpful, that demon looks awesome! The flesh variations really set that model apart from just boring green. Once I have finished the rest of the Drizzt set I will go back over these guys with some brown flesh as well to vary it up a bit.
      Thank you very much for you help!


  2. Sweet work! Love seeing these minis painted up and you did a nice job. Someday I want to try and tackle them as well, but alas have a couple other projects to through first.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have sworn off starting to play the game until all the miniatures are painted so I don’t get tired of it. The rules and game pieces look very nice so I have high hopes!

      Liked by 1 person

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