Space Wolf Kill Team featuring Green Stuff Fur and Snow Bases

The recent release of Kill Team and the Fangs of Ulfrich pack finally convinced me to paint some Space Wolf Primaris marines for my five Reiver and one Grey Hunter (Counts as tactical marine) kill team.


The Fangs Of Ulfrich kit came with some nice Sector Mechanicus terrain and five Space Marine Reivers. The Reivers came as the standard Primaris Reivers kit without any Space Wolf bits or trinkets, which I was slightly disappointed with but I do have plenty of space wolf pieces laying around for customization.

For Azazel’s Technical August I took on the challenge of using green stuff modelling for the first time. I modeled a wolf pet for my pack leader/commander, and fur bits for shoulder pads and loin coverings. I used this guide from the blog From The Warp for sculpting the fur texture and leg shape, though I did not go as far as to make a mold.  I very roughly sculpted the wolf head and I plan to pass of its squished malformed look to a poor taxidermy job.

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For the basing, I tried three different snow techniques on top of my standard Woodland Scenics blended turf over sand base. The three methods were:

Army Painter brand Battlefield Snow: For two bases I sprinkled this product over PVA. I found the product was very coarse even after shaking the tub to get the finer particles to the top. It did not achieve the powdery settling snow look I was going for. When I try it again in future I will try mixing it with PVA before applying.

Citadel Valhallan Blizzard: This texture paint was initially very hard to apply but after shaking the pot and stirring with a toothpick to bring the moisture towards the top which allowed it spread nicely on the base. It resulted in a slushy looking snow that looks semi transparent in places. This is my favorite of the three techniques, though it is closely ties with the PVA and bicarb soda method.

PVA glue and Bicarb Soda: I used this method after seeing the nice powdery snow on Pandoras Bitz Box’s Beauty is Only Skin Deep – Norris thing. I decided to moisten the bicarb with PVA to get the slightly slushy snow look and hopefully avoid yellowing that I have heard can happen with this method. Overall I like this look very much and I definitely recommend it as an easier met hod that doesn’t require buying a special product.

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So without any further ado, Meet my painted Kill Team!

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“Sigrin Redbraid” The Pack Leader Specialist Reiver Sergeant


He climbed to the rank of leading his own Grey Hunter pack very quickly even for a new Primaris Astartes. What he lacks in experience he more than makes up for in battle cunning. Sigrin loves to boast about killing the wolf he wears with nothing but his smallest combat knife so as to preserve it’s pelt






“Valmar Ironfist” The Non-Specialist Jack-of-all Trades



Valmar is the second newest member of the pack. He has a deep hatred of necrons after his mentor Angvor Ironfist was slaughtered by them and his skin flayed and worn. He took on Angvors clan name, as he himself was an orphan with no other Fenresian name to bear. Once he has bartaken in the casks of celebratory mead he breaks his usual stony silence to sing the sagas of Angvor the Wisened



“Ovain Blackclaw” The Combat Specialist



Ovain is the newest member who idolizes his Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane. He has very lofy aspirations of one day becoming just as great. He is quick to anger and his brawling when still a Blood Claw led him to know his way around melee combat. Ovain will follow orders from his pack leader, however his mate-ship with his pack mates is fragile at best




“Gorin Thickvein” The Demolitions Specialist


Gorin is slightly more wisened that Ovain however he is quick to anger at his lack of discipline. It is not an uncommon sight to see the two of them brawling after Ovain refuses to see what Gorin believes to be reason. Sigrin will break up the brawls with chastising if they ever go to be far, but has also been known to bet with Selvan on the outcome





“Sangar Icefang” the Non-Specialist Adrenaline Junkie



Sangar is still learning fine art of small pack cohesive combat and will follow all orders without resistance or backtalk. Whenever planning is undertaken he will always ask to take any role that allow him to zip around with his Grapnel Launcher. he loves to drink with Valmar and hear the many sagas he has to tell, hoping to one day have his own tales to tell over shared mead



“Selvan Bonechiller” The Time-Grizzled Comms Specialist



Selvan can easily be perceived as a grumpy man. He holds resentment for missing out on the Primaris geneseed by a short 17 years and thus being dwarfed in height and pure bodily ability by the pack he guides. He spends most of his time with Sigrin exchanging wisdom and  advice on leading there sometimes incorrigible pack mates.




Selvan has a variety of weapons that he has trained with until perfection in his long years. He sometimes tries to train the younger wolves in their use, but has little success getting them to relinquish their Gravnel launchers long enough to truly learn


Overall, I am very excited to play more with my Space Wolves in Kill Team and with out impending Codex release. They really feel like my own little guys and I am finding myself very attached to them.

If I had to pick my favorite parts of painting these models, it would be dry brushing the green stuff fur I textured myself and the success I had in painting their eyes.

Thank you very much for reading 😀

21 thoughts on “Space Wolf Kill Team featuring Green Stuff Fur and Snow Bases

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  1. These guys look great! I dont have my own kill team yet (no time to play so less motivation…yet) but i may be going halves on tooth and claw with a friend for thr GSC models.

    Im glad the snow workrd out for you and you found a method thst suits you. My only real issue with the bicarb is the lack of glint to the snow, ots very matt. I dont really have much call to use it though and as you say its a cheap and easy option. Great work!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have found that kill team can be played quickly so at the moment it’s much better for me than long 40k games. I really recommend trying it!

      It would be much better with a glint, I think I will stick with the Valhallan blizzard for future


      1. I do want to try kill team, i really want to make some cool converted, flavoursome teams for it too. I collect so many different factions i woild have a lot of options to with. Sadly we literally have NO time for playing for now… Children, bla bla bla. Our time will come.

        I had another idea for the snow that i might try… Not super convenient but im all about experimentation… Bicarb and… Crushed glass? I do have a morter and pestle…

        Liked by 2 people

      1. You can make it shiny that way, but not sparkly like you generally want for snow. Comes out looking more like a sheet of ice.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Ah well i dont want it to look like bumpy glass. The varniash would likely smooth out the powdery surface with its surface tension and also be too shiney. I don’t want it to look like a sheet of ice, id want it to look crystalline, with little spots of light being refracted. Obviously Ellen has gone with the better (less budget) option, but i wondered if stippling some gloss varnish onto an existing baking soda base might give the illusion of refracting crystals. I haven’t tried it though.

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  2. Nice! Especially for your first time using green stuff. I’ve been messing around with it on and off for over 20 years and I still can’t get anything to come out that nice.

    My favourite snow effect is the Woodland Scenics stuff*. The method I use should work pretty well for the Army Painter material as well, tho, from what I can tell. I mix a bunch of it up with PVA, a bit of white paint, and a teeny tiny dot of light blue. Looking for something that’s almost, but not quite, runny. Use a coffee stir stick or something to apply patches of it, and then, while it’s still wet, dip the base into a bowl or bag of the snow effect to get a nice sparkly layer on top.

    *Honestly, at this point, it takes some serious convincing for me to get specialty terrain supplies from anyone else. Woodland Scenics really know their stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will certainly try the glue and paint mix method when I use it in future, thank you! I was very tempted by the Woodland Scenics snow shaker but my local hobby store always runs out of it

      Their products are so on point that basing just becomes a breeze. I’m currently assembling a whole bunch of their tree armatures and they can look so very realistic between bending the wire and selecting the clump foliage

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      1. Oh, while I’m here, I remembered something else: A bit of white paint mixed in with the baking soda mixture apparently helps stave off the yellowing that can sometimes be a problem with that method.

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  3. Nice work Ellen! I’m surprised that’s your first time using green stuff, looks like you caught on quick. Also really fun reading along with your snow experiment. I haven’t tackled snow yet, so good to know what some of the options are out there.

    Did you magnetize all those arms for Selvan, so you can do arm swaps? I thought it would be about impossible to magnetize dual arms like that. Would love to hear more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have indeed magnetised his arms for the arm swapping! I had a lot of difficulty getting the arms to come on and off with the shoulder pads on as they often ended up with the pads slightly too close to pop off. Through a lot of trial and error and broken arms I finally managed to get the right distance for them by letting them dry in position while taking them on and off periodically to check the fit.

      Overall I think the effort was worth it as I am making different kill team lists with the weapon options and the versatility will help against different armies

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, with the big shoulder pads, that gives a lot of cover and probably more leeway. I had thought about trying to magnetize the dual arm poses in Necromunda, but they seem such a tight fit that it would be about impossible. This gives me a hope though.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hopefully it would still be possible but maybe needing a bit more work to make it look smooth. The shoulder pads definitely made it easy to disguise things not lining up

        Liked by 1 person

  4. This is a pretty fantastic looking team, Ellen. it’s hard to believe that this is your first time sculpting using greenstuff, it’s turned out so well. Very impressive stuff. I really need to get a Kill Team or two built and painted, and posts like this one really make me want to get onto it sooner. Love all the wolfy bits added as well!

    Liked by 1 person

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