Skitarii and Sicarian Infiltrators

I have finally gotten around to taking photos of my Mechanicus squads, but unfortunately, these were taken in full sun and haven’t turned out very well. I can’t motivate myself to retakes these pictures, but I will try harder in future to avoid the brightest parts of the day.


col 1


The two most difficult things I found with these models was finding a good method for the blue glowy effect and painting the cream detail on the robe edges. I’m pretty happy with my blue method, which was painted white with very watered down Hoeth Blue and edge highlighting with white again. The robe detail ended up being very shaky, but I think it is okay at a tabletop distance.

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In addition, here are my Sicarian Infiltrators. The detail on these models is quite amazing, and edge highlighting was very satisfying as it brought these models to a level that I’m very proud of.

3456colab 2colab 1

I hope to post my Armies on parade board that features these models. I’ll get around to it eventually…

Thank you for reading!

12 thoughts on “Skitarii and Sicarian Infiltrators

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  1. Ohhhh these look so nice! I feel more of pressure now to make mine look decent now I know there’s another collector that will see them. It’s funny that, we are all Hobbyists that can recognise and appreciate good work… But I always want to do better if someone who shares the same army is looking at them, like I don’t want to let them down or something. Anyway, you’re letting no one down, I’d be proud to own these. Nice work

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    1. Thank you!
      I agree! I also find other armies so inspiring and I always want to up my game to meet their standards. Skitarii are so finicky to paint, I feel like each time I look back there is another detail I missed on them so there is always things to go back to


  2. Looking good! The lava bases really work well on this scale. The robe detail, yeah, the corners of each cog tooth could be a little sharper, but it’s way better than anything I’ve managed to freehand, especially something repeated across that many Models.

    Now I really hope I can manage a game next weekend. Seeing these makes me want to get my own AdMech back on the table.

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    1. Thanks! I find freehand so tricky. I might try making/finding some sort of appropriate transfer sheet for the next lot

      It’s so great to see an army you have painted in a game again. It really makes all the past effort with it!

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  3. Great work here on these Admech. They look awesome, but so damned fiddly to paint – with the natural result that mine are all still boxed! Does the boxes set come with a cog-style transfer that you can use on the models? I enjoy freehand, but trying to get that pattern uniform across so many uniform models… eurgh! Decals are where I’d certainly go with it! Your freehand works for them, especially at tabletop distances (blow something up large enough and anything will look rough).
    As a piece of photography advice – I used to take all of my shots outdoors – I’d suggest taking them in the shade when it’s really bright out. The ambient light is enough to make them really look good without that glare that you get from direct sunlight.

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    1. Thank you!

      I believe the box does come with some cog style transfers, but it is only one strip and I estimated it to be too short to do 10 robes.

      I will try the shade! It sounds nicer than standing in the direct sun for so long trying to get the right angles. Thank you for the advice 😊

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