Skitarii and Sicarian Infiltrators

I have finally gotten around to taking photos of my Mechanicus squads, but unfortunately, these were taken in full sun and haven’t turned out very well. I can’t motivate myself to retakes these pictures, but I will try harder in future to avoid the brightest parts of the day.


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The two most difficult things I found with these models was finding a good method for the blue glowy effect and painting the cream detail on the robe edges. I’m pretty happy with my blue method, which was painted white with very watered down Hoeth Blue and edge highlighting with white again. The robe detail ended up being very shaky, but I think it is okay at a tabletop distance.

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In addition, here are my Sicarian Infiltrators. The detail on these models is quite amazing, and edge highlighting was very satisfying as it brought these models to a level that I’m very proud of.

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I hope to post my Armies on parade board that features these models. I’ll get around to it eventually…

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A Nid Beginning: Hormgaunts and a Carnifex

Painting my Adeptus Mechanicus for Armies on Parade (I will post a write up soon!) has left me a little tired of painting mechanical models with so much red and metal. I have been left wanting to paint something organic and colourful, and this want was answered when I scored a great deal on a second-hand Tyranid lot on eBay.

The bundle consisted of a broken thickly painted Carnifex, 3 painted Tyranid warriors, 8 Genestealers, and many Hormagaunts and Termagaunts in varying states of assembly. I suspect that it was made up of the old Tyranid battle force box. Overall, the models were almost all salvageable despite the significant breakage and thick painting on some models.

This is the lot as I received it. You can see the Carnifex in its original thick paint front and centre, with is’s legs somewhere in that pile as well

In lieu of painting test models for my custom hive fleet, which I personally find tedious, I used an outline of a Gaunt from google and digitally coloured over it while using a Citadel paint chart as a reference. The scheme I decided on featured using a Green Stuff World colour shift paint. I haven’t thought of a hive fleet name yet, but I plan to run them with Kraken rules primarily.colour scheme.

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House Raven Armiger Warglaives


“Don’t talk to me or my sons ever again”

After the race of painting my Mechanicus and Knights for this years Armies on Parade, I am finally able to share my painted Armigers who shall serve as squires for Lord Grevan when he pilots Ferrous Maximus.

I have a bad habit of painting things according to the box art and web store pictures because when considering purchases I generally end up falling in love with the scheme shown as I look at it again and again. This, combined with my adoration for House Raven and the design of Ferrous Maximus, has led to the paint scheme on these Warglaives.

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Imperial Knight Warden Ferrous Maximus

When the Imperial Knights Renegade box came out I couldn’t resist picking one up with how good of a deal it was for two Imperial Knights with a Knight Warden sprue and some nice terrain. I procrastinated for a while on beginning assembly as I knew I wanted to magnetise the weapon parts to cater to my indecisiveness.

The large task of learning to magnetise things and painting such a large model was very daunting but now that I have finished I think all the effort was worth it. I followed the guide from the blog From The Fang found here. Additionally, I added some magnets to the alternative face plates and shoulder shields for maximum variations. My fingers were coated in a thin later of superglue and I had a lot of frustrating moments with magnets that kept coming loose over and over despite the glue being dry. Gel superglue ended up saving the day with the thicker viscosity and nicer applicator being easier to control.

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Space Wolf Kill Team featuring Green Stuff Fur and Snow Bases

The recent release of Kill Team and the Fangs of Ulfrich pack finally convinced me to paint some Space Wolf Primaris marines for my five Reiver and one Grey Hunter (Counts as tactical marine) kill team.


The Fangs Of Ulfrich kit came with some nice Sector Mechanicus terrain and five Space Marine Reivers. The Reivers came as the standard Primaris Reivers kit without any Space Wolf bits or trinkets, which I was slightly disappointed with but I do have plenty of space wolf pieces laying around for customization.

For Azazel’s Technical August I took on the challenge of using green stuff modelling for the first time. I modeled a wolf pet for my pack leader/commander, and fur bits for shoulder pads and loin coverings. I used this guide from the blog From The Warp for sculpting the fur texture and leg shape, though I did not go as far as to make a mold.  I very roughly sculpted the wolf head and I plan to pass of its squished malformed look to a poor taxidermy job.

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The Idoneth Deepkin Eidolon of Mathlann – Aspect of the Sea

For Azazel’s Jewel of July ’18 Community Painting Challenge I decided to tackle a miniature I have been dreading painting for months: The Eidolon of Mathlann in all of his water-caped demi-god glory.


I have had this model sitting on my primed and ready to paint shelf since I assembled it the day it was released. Every time I looked at painted examples with beautiful gradients of blue on the watery cape I felt like I could not paint anything nearly as wonderful.

Eventually I compiled some tips from various people on the Idoneth Deepkin Facebook group that I used to paint a nice blue fade.

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Painting the Feral Trolls from The Legend Of Drizzt Board Game

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I have finally finished my next miniature painting adventure from The Legend Of Drizzt board game: two feral trolls.

These trolls were more of a challenge to me than the Balor from the same game for two main reasons. Firstly, I found there was a general lack of muscle detailing over the troll skin resulting in me having to create a lot of detail with my paint layering. Secondly, I do not have much experience painting large blocks of green, so the getting the colour choice for the skin was a trial.

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Painting the Balor from The Legend Of Drizzt Board Game


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This year I was lucky enough to receive The Legend Of Drizzt board game as a gift for my Birthday. I was overjoyed when I opened it and found the variety of miniatures provided for playing. My immediate favourite was The model of Errtu, the Balor game boss.

I am looking forward to using this Balor outside of the board game for the homebrew D&D campaign I am running. I imagine the looks on my players faces when I plonk this guy down on the table after my big bad evil summons them.


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