Skitarii and Sicarian Infiltrators

I have finally gotten around to taking photos of my Mechanicus squads, but unfortunately, these were taken in full sun and haven’t turned out very well. I can’t motivate myself to retakes these pictures, but I will try harder in future to avoid the brightest parts of the day.


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The two most difficult things I found with these models was finding a good method for the blue glowy effect and painting the cream detail on the robe edges. I’m pretty happy with my blue method, which was painted white with very watered down Hoeth Blue and edge highlighting with white again. The robe detail ended up being very shaky, but I think it is okay at a tabletop distance.

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In addition, here are my Sicarian Infiltrators. The detail on these models is quite amazing, and edge highlighting was very satisfying as it brought these models to a level that I’m very proud of.

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I hope to post my Armies on parade board that features these models. I’ll get around to it eventually…

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House Raven Armiger Warglaives


“Don’t talk to me or my sons ever again”

After the race of painting my Mechanicus and Knights for this years Armies on Parade, I am finally able to share my painted Armigers who shall serve as squires for Lord Grevan when he pilots Ferrous Maximus.

I have a bad habit of painting things according to the box art and web store pictures because when considering purchases I generally end up falling in love with the scheme shown as I look at it again and again. This, combined with my adoration for House Raven and the design of Ferrous Maximus, has led to the paint scheme on these Warglaives.

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