Space Wolf Kill Team featuring Green Stuff Fur and Snow Bases

The recent release of Kill Team and the Fangs of Ulfrich pack finally convinced me to paint some Space Wolf Primaris marines for my five Reiver and one Grey Hunter (Counts as tactical marine) kill team.


The Fangs Of Ulfrich kit came with some nice Sector Mechanicus terrain and five Space Marine Reivers. The Reivers came as the standard Primaris Reivers kit without any Space Wolf bits or trinkets, which I was slightly disappointed with but I do have plenty of space wolf pieces laying around for customization.

For Azazel’s Technical August I took on the challenge of using green stuff modelling for the first time. I modeled a wolf pet for my pack leader/commander, and fur bits for shoulder pads and loin coverings. I used this guide¬†from the blog From The Warp for sculpting the fur texture and leg shape, though I did not go as far as to make a mold.¬† I very roughly sculpted the wolf head and I plan to pass of its squished malformed look to a poor taxidermy job.

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